The Net Neutrality Fight is not Over

14 December 2017

Today, December 14th, the FCC passed the Restoring Internet Freedom proposal which repeals net neutrality rules in a 3-2 vote, to nobody’s great surprise. While the result is disappointing, this is not where net neutrality ends! We need to make a lot of noise and support organizations that are fighting on our behalf. The University of Maryland Program for Public Consultation and Voice of the People reports that 83% of Americans were against the repeal. Popular opinion is on our side.

Where we go from here is uncertain but it’s not over. Fights for net neutrality are already gearing up and lawsuits are being filed. The New York Attorney General announced he will sue the FCC, and other organizations will likely follow suit.

Here’s how you can help

Visit They’re still in the fight, and they’re now gathering support for Congress to overrule the FCC.

Consider donating to the ACLU, EFF, FreePress, and other pro net neutrality organizations.

Write to your government reps about net neutrality (this site helps!—even if they’re on your side. Use ResistBot (text 50409) to fax them. Make sure to make an informed vote in your next election. Don’t forget about your local officials!

If you have a municipal network, independent ISP, or mesh network in your community (or infrastructure that could support one of those), help fight for it in your community and get involved if possible.

Make noise! Don’t stop talking about net neutrality online and off. Join protests if there’s one local to you. The worst thing we can do now is be quiet. We need to make sure that nobody forgets and our elected officials can’t ignore us.

Do it for the Internet we know and love. Do it for a fair, neutral, and open Internet.

Originally posted at[email protected]/message/EQFB3LQMU2QSSGKDPVIJUSAVOMSYWQTY/. Minor edits have been made. More net neutrality resources are available at

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