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15 July 2017

July 12, 2017 was the Day of Action for Net Neutrality. Across the Internet, sites showed banners, slowed themselves down, and tried to make it clear what a non neutral Internet might look like. It’s not pretty. A tiered, throttled, and restricted Internet would likely hurt your favorite web services, making them harder to access and more expensive.

Net neutrality is one of the most important digital rights battles we’ve had so far. The battle is raging and doesn’t appear to be ready to end soon with the FCC suggesting it will ignore pro net neutrality comments and telecom lobbying kicking into high gear. Net neutrality matters to everyone because it prevents ISPs from picking and choosing what parts of the Internet - and what information - you have access to when you get online. If we lose net neutrality, ISPs will gain a lot of power over our ability to be informed.

Net neutrality is so important, that I’m releasing a book about it on August 7, 2017. It details how some ISPs - maybe even yours! - have been working to undermine a neutral Internet and the consequences should they succeed. It’s currently available for preorder as an eBook for a discount until release. Make sure you know the details about net neutrality and that you’re on the right side of this digital rights battle.

You can find store links and further details at If you found my series of net neutrality posts informative or enjoyable, you’ll probably like this too. Help spread the word! Knowing is half the battle.

If you want to take action in the net neutrality fight yourself, you can find out how you can help save the Internet right here.

Care about an open and neutral Internet? Check out my book, Please Upgrade For Access, at

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