Reviews of OpenID: Verisign Personal Identity Portal

02 November 2009

Most avid Internet users have heard of Verisign or at least seen their logo on secure sites. Verisign provides security certificates to web sites that it reviews and certifies as being secure and is highly reputable and recognised for doing it

A bit more recently, Verisign introduced the Verisign Personal Identity Portal, providing secure file storage and sign-in. The features:

Unfortunately, Verisign’s OpenID url is a bit long to remember- (Feel free to click the link and look at my Identity page). The other unfortunate fact about VerisignLabs PIP is that at times the site itself can be a bit slow and a bit difficult to navigate so it can take a little while to learn your way around.

Out of all the providers I tried, I have to say that while I trusted Verisign the most, due to its reputation, I liked it the least because of the long URL and difficulty in navigation. The technical director of Verisign’s PIP pointed out an important detail in the comments: many users of Verisign’s PIP actually delegate their identity to a blog or other website they manage, which is a way around the long URL.

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