The Downsides to Mobile Life: Part 3- Health

14 August 2009

As with seemingly anything, living constantly online with an MID (mobile Internet device) has effects on one’s health, and generally negative effects for that matter. From the skin to the mind, online life takes a toll. Much of the problems that arise are due to choices of the user, such as where and when they are ‘connected’.

Unlike some “theoretical problems” however, all the effects I have listed have been documented problems. What’s more, the desirable effects of being social and in contact with friends often don’t apply in the online world in the same way that they do with actual real-world face-to-face communications. It seems that being constantly online with an MID is more detrimental to one’s health than it is beneficial.

Many of these problems are due to over-use of mobile devices and are easily avoided. However, in many cases that’s easier said than done as ‘being connected’ IS life for certain people (and if you’re one of them, seriously try to cut back on Internet time). Avoiding them, in practice, may be harder to do than it sounds, though the methods are fairly straightforward.

Living online is one thing, living completely online is an entirely different thing. However, the main thing to keep in mind is how much time is spent on a MID and what’s being done at the time. Health effects result only from overuse, so as with most other things, always in moderation.

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