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Who I Am

I am a software engineer in training, set to graduate from RIT in spring of 2016. I’m proficient in concepts such as object oriented programming, unit testing, and design patterns. I have field experience in a couple of fields of software and with working with existing codebases. I’ve worked in languages such as Python, Java, PHP, and Shell, and am able to pick up new languages quickly. I’ve always had a passion for learning how things work, noticing problems, and making things work and interact in better ways.

What I Do

I design, write, and maintain software. I’ve designed and written small applications from scratch for a variety of purposes both individually and on teams, as well as worked on much larger codebases in the field. Some of my more notable personal projects are on the projects page of my website, and I’ve also worked on larger applications in research and in backup technology.

Outside of software I’ve been involved with the spin-up of the RIT hackathon organization, codeRIT, and was president of the RIT Linux Users’ Group which I continue to be involved with.